The power of a recommendation at the point of purchase in a Restaurant or Bar has a multiplier effect that drives retail sales and overall brand performance.


In fact, the image association with a placement in a top Restaurant or Bar communicates a powerful brand message to a consumer even if the product is not purchased.


We own and operate and The capabilities of these two communities to collect information and communicate brand messages to an influential audience are unmatched.


We offer custom research solutions to help you strategically design a campaign to drive your brands performance in Restaurants and Bars around the world.


By leveraging the power of a high profile placement in the on-premise, and the frequent recommendation from a trained professional at the point of purchase, your brand will be better positioned for increased performance in the channels.


We currently offer:

·         Distributor Market Research to understand exactly what marketing programs and sales activities increase distribution in the competitive on-premise environment.


·         Local Market Share Analysis to evaluate Distributor performance by placement and promotional activity.


·         Influencer Marketing Research to help Distributors and Suppliers increase the number of recommendations at the point of purchase for their brands.


·         Brand Extension and New Product Market Assessment.


·         Consumer Awareness Research designed to uncover what causes a consumer to accept a recommendation from an influencer at the point of purchase.


·         Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Restaurants and Hotels to evaluate customer experience.


·         Customized Ad Hoc Research of Consumers, Restaurant and Bar Owners, Bartenders, Wait Staff, and Independent Retail Buyers and Attendants.


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