Get the most out of Wine Restaurants & World's Bars
Our community has been designed to help Restaurants and Bars use social networking to connect with the people who “follow” what’s happening and want to stay informed about exciting updates, events, and promotions that happen in restaurants and bars everyday around the world. The community is 100% free!
We have created a system of highly customizable features that are very easy to use and allow you to create a profile to help Restaurants/Bars and Consumers stay in touch. After you create an account, click around and check things out. Bands and Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub owners have several additional features that make their profiles like a full featured website with the additional capabilities of social networking.
Below are some tips to help to set up your profile and get the most out of the community. If you need additional help you can visit the Community Forum and see if your question has been addressed already, if not; post the question and we will do our best to provide you a quick response. Again, Welcome to!
How to set up an account
It's very easy to create an account.
·Click on “sign up” on the top of any page and complete the required information.

·It is important to select the right “Account Type” as the profile format is very different for “Individual Members” and “Restaurants or Bars”.
If you are a Band/Music Artist please click on “Band Sign-up
and follow the instructions to create a new profile.
Click Here to View a Video on Creating a New Account
How to customize a “Restaurant/Bar or Band” profile
You can customize your profile (after you are logged in) by using the features in the “Gray Navigation Bar” which appears on all pages when you are logged into your account. There are many ways to add content to your profile. The following are a few examples of how to set up and customize your profile.
“Edit Profile Information”
·During your account set up process you had the option of adding a “Profile Photo”. If you chose to skip that step, or you would like to change the photo, put your cursor over “Profile” and select “Change Profile Photo”. Click “Browse”, locate your photo and click “Upload”.
·Put your cursor over “Profile” and click “Edit Profile Information” to add a description and additional information about your band or restaurant/bar. This information will appear on the front page of your profile. You can also select your “Venue Type” or “Music Genre” to help people find your band or business in a search. You may select as many categories as you like to help people find you in a search. Click “Save Changes” when done.
·Put your cursor over “Profile” and select “Edit Profile Hours” to enter the hours of your restaurant/bar. You need to do this for every day of the week. This information will appear on the front page of your profile.
·Put your cursor over “Profile” and select “Edit Profile Job Openings” to add a free job listing to the community “Job Board”.
Adding Content to Your Band/Restaurant/Bar Profile
·Put your cursor over “Profile” and select “Edit Profile Pages” to enter information into the template. You can “copy and paste” your food menus, drink menu, wine list, or band news, band bio, etc. into these pages.
·To do this: “copy” the information from your existing document (s) and “paste” the content into the space on the screen of the corresponding page. Click on “Post Entry” when done to save your information.
·Please note: You may need to reformat your menu content when you “paste” the information into the page. You can do this using the editor on the “Edit Page” screen. Click on “Post Entry” when done to save your information.
·Restaurants and Bars can also “upload” your food and drink menu files for people to “download”. The system supports PDF, Word, and Excel file types. To do this: click “Browse”, locate the file and click “Post Entry”. The file icon will appear on the bottom of the page right below the “cut and paste” information. You may choose to only “cut and paste” or only the downloadable file method, it’s up to you.
·You can also “Create New Pages” and add any custom information that you like. Simply click on “Create Page”, enter the “Title” of the new page and enter your content by the same process as above.
·To connect your new page with a specific item on your Nav-bar; go back to the “Edit Profile Nav-bar” area, click “Edit” to the right of the Nav-bar item that you want to connect to your new page, and select the new page from the “URL” dropdown menu and click “Post Entry”.
Click Here to View a Video on Editing Pages and the Profile Nav-Bar
“Edit Profile Nav-bar”
You can “Add” or “Hide” items on your Profile Navigation Bar. This is the black navigation bar on your profile that guides users to your content; Music, Images/Videos, Food, Beverages, Calendar, Guests/Friends, etc.
·Put your cursor over “Profile” and select “Edit Profile Nav-bar” to make changes.
·You can “Hide” any of these Nav-bar items by simply clicking “Hide” next to the item. If an item is hidden, click on “Show” to have the item displayed on your profile.
·You can “Rename” any Nav-bar item by selecting “Edit”, change the “Title” of the item, and click “Post Entry”.  
·To add a new item to the Nav-bar; select “Create Menu Item”.
·Type your new Nav-bar title into the “Title” area and click “Post Entry”.
·Leave the “Category” and “URL” blank to “Add” a new “Category” to the Nav-Bar.
·If you want to add a new “Sub-menu” to an existing Nav-bar item (or a new item that you have added to the Nav-bar), simply select the “Category” you want the Sub-menu to go to and enter the new “Title” and click “Post Entry”.
·Please note: Once a Nav-bar item has been created it cannot be deleted. If you no longer want to “Show” the Nav-bar item simply click on “Hide” and the item will no longer be displayed on your profile.
Click Here to View a Video on Editing Pages and the Profile Nav-Bar
“My Apps” (all users)
The “My Apps” menu items are where you can invite your Facebook Friends to join and “Follow” your profile, create Events and Promotions, add Videos, Photos, Blog, add Drink Recipes to the community database, add Forum Topics, Classified Postings, and more.
All of these functions are simple to use and have brief descriptions on each of their respective pages. Click around and explore all the features and functions to help you draw attention to your profile.  
All of your activity that you do not mark “Private” will be posted on the “What’s New” section as well on your Friends activity wall with a link back to your profile so people will be keep up to date on all of your updates.
Here are a few quick ideas to get started:
·Invite your Facebook Friends to join to help build the community.
·Add Videos and Photos to your profile. These will appear in the left column of your profiles’ front page. You can select the primary video that will remain on your front page and add additional videos that can be seen on your “Videos” page.
·Create “Events/Promotions” and invite your friends to join. Events/Promotions can be anything from inviting your friends to a Happy Hour, Live Music, Drink Special, Wine Dinner, etc. These Events/Promotions can be “Shared” with Twitter and your Facebook Friends and other social networks.
·Use the Social Networking Icons on all of the pages to “Share” content with Twitter and your Facebook Friends. You can share Restaurants/Bars, Blogs, Recipes, Everything!
If you have questions about any of these features please feel free to Contact Us or post your question in the community Forum.