Slow Barcelona

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Monday - Thursday 07:00 PM - 05:00 AM
Friday - Saturday 07:00 PM - 06:00 AM

Carrer de París,186
Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Slow babe, I like it Slow
Welcome to Slow, Cocktails & Boîte.
Slow is an intimate, open and versatile venue that is a cocktail bar, boîte and a private room. Located in the centric Eixample neighbourhood, it has two floors and three rooms. Slow is more than a cocktail or drinks bar or a club. It is a place where we take care of every detail, where all is about being comfortable and unhurried. Hence, Slow.

Cocktail Room
With a lush combination of vibrant reds and violets, the decoration of the Cocktail Room is subtle tribute through a vintage lens to the former clubs of the golden age of cocktails in New York, only this time in Barcelona. An upgraded classic look, both intimate and refined

Candy Box
The intimate rock & roll fantasy look of the Candy Box is reminiscent of a small opera foyer with red velvet walls dimly lit by LEDs. The murals of our own creation come to life and show the very essence of Slow the contrast of the classic and the scoundrel.
With its own bar, the Candy Box is an ideal venue for small dinners and to enjoy cocktails with more privacy. It also includes a projector and a screen to view all kinds of videos, presentations or broadcasts. It’s perfectly suited for workshops, tastings and training sessions.

An exquisite sound system will plunge you into the electronic beats, from house, disco and funk to indie and electro pop. A spectacular LED covered ceiling will colour the atmosphere and mood of the night. Just let go to the tune of our resident and guest DJs.
We also sport a solid and intense live concerts program both electric and acoustic that range from pop, rock, indie, folk, electro, flamenco and rumba. Bands such as Sidonie and Möno have played here. Also bands that are now in big time festivals (i.e. Primavera Sound 2016) such as Joana Serrat, Cala Vento, Univers, Pacosan or Invisible Harvey.

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