Lulu B. Wine

Born in France, Woman of the World

I began my journey searching for the ultimate noble grape of France; Pinot Noir. But why stop at France? I've searched the globe for my favorite varietals from the world’s best growing regions. Join me in a taste of discovery!

Escaping to a sunny day in California…just the thought makes me smile. What also makes me smile is sharing a glass of this chardonnay, which was made with lees stirring and aging on lees for a smoother mouthfeel and added complexity.

Who doesn't love Italy? The history, the romance ... If you are looking for a white wine other than Chardonnay, may I suggest my Pinot Grigio, grown in the “three Venezies” of Trento, Friuli and Veneto.

What do I look for in a Cabernet? Simply put: rich, delicious fruit and a silky soft finish. Where better to find the grapes for such a Cabernet than from the Central Coast, kissed by the California sun?

Feel like something a little different? Travel with me to Spain and find out why Moscato is now the most popular new wine varietal in the US!

Sometimes you just feel prettier in pink! People have fallen in love with the slightly sweet Moscato grape from Spain, so we blended in a touch of red Tempranillo and voilà – the perfect pink summer drink!

Who doesn't love a glass of bubbly? This luscious, sparkling wine pairs our Pink Moscato and the fun of effervescence.